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Overview of program

Overview of our system:

Your account consists of two websites.

The first is your affiliate site which you created when you first joined the

Log in page is http://www.idevaffiliate.com/32761/login.php 

You will log in here with your "USER NAME" (not your email address) and the password you used setting up your account. Once logged in you will see your personal URL link that you will share with potential customers.


The second website is your shopping cart. Your affiliate link when clicked, will redirect you, and your customers to the shopping cart. Your link passes a code to the shopping cart to track the order. After you or your customer completes the order, the shopping cart then passes the code and the order amount back to your affiliate page and creates the commission in a pending status. We generally approve those twice per day. You log into your shopping cart with the email address you set the shopping cart up with and the password you used.


NEW! We now offer you a personal SoyL Scents web page. This is included with the either of our new "Club Member" memberships. Also as a club member you will receive a 35% discount on your personal purchases and a 35% commission on referred retail orders. You will also have access to "Club Items" where there are Club Member only items and specials. To get additional information go to this page http://soylscents.com/club-membership/

This is a sample of a personal web page. http://my-soylscents.com/Betty 

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