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Club Membership

The advantages of upgrading to "Club Membership"


Increase in commission by 10%! Receive 35% personal discount and 35% commission on retail orders through your page.

Example of savings!



With either "Club Memberships" you get access to "Club Member" only shopping.


Currently we have Club Member only Mason Jars in all fragrances, Stinker Stopper in Club Member only fragrance, and 3.2 ounce Tureens in the New Spring/ Summer fragrances.

More items coming.



With the $4.95 Club Member upgrade all the business you do (purchases and retail orders) over $50 per month you make additional money over the membership fee.



$4.95 per month Club Membership 





Monthly Auto ship of 3 Tarts in the "Fragrances of the Month" for the following month. Tarts will ship based on monthly payment run date. Payments made between the 16th and the 15th of the following month will ship at the end of that month. Plus you get the 35% upgrade and access to Club Member shopping.

$13.98 per month

With this membership option you pay the 35% off price for the 3 tarts and get the upgrade %.


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