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Fundraising Info

How it works.

Group places request for brochures on the Fundraising link on main site .

Group takes orders for 2 weeks. They collect money at time of order.

At the end of 2 weeks group tallies the orders and emails a copy of the order totals to info.soylscents@gmail.com

We will calculate the payment due with the shipping total and email the group a PayPal invoice to the address the order came from.

SoyL Scents will pay 1/2 of actual shipping cost for orders shipped to Commercial address' and SoyL Scents will pay 25% of actual shipping for orders shipped to residential address'.

Booking affiliate will receive 10% commission on the candle order. If sales are less than 6 items per brochure requested (on average) the group makes 45% of sales, and if the group averages 6 or more  items per brochure requested they will make 50%.

These MUST be actual group. we will consider 501c3's.

The following types of groups have been VERY successful in the past:

  • Band and Choir
  • Day Cares
  • Competition Cheer Groups
  • School Clubs
  • Church and youth groups
  • any organized group that needs money

We most likely will not do a fundraiser for something like "My daughter is going on a school trip and needs money"

The sales are CATALOG only NO ONLINE orders will be paid out to group.

This is a great opportunity for you to get a reorder label with your URL on it to get future sales.




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