Subscribe 2 Save

What is "Subscribe 2 Save"?

  • A monthly subscription program that will provide you will the following benefits on your membership.

What are the benefits to "Subscribe 2 Save"?

  • As an Affiliate you will increase your discount on personal order to 35%
  • You will also increase your commission on referred retail order to 35%
  • You will receive a monthly coupon good for $4.00 off the shipping cost of each order
  • You can NOW share your monthly coupon with your retail CUSTOMERS!
  • You will receive your own personal web page like this my-soylscents/betty

Each month when your payment processes you will be emailed a coupon code that is valid for 32 days, which will reduce your shipping by $4.00 on every order you or your customer places.





YES, save me $4.00 off shipping on every order and upgrade me to 35% 
discount and commission. Subscription price only $4.95.






 3 assorted Tart Chunks retail value with shipping $21.45. Subscription price $13.88