Subscribe 2 Save

What is "Subscribe 2 Save"?

  • These are deeply discounted (42% off retail) groups of items that are billed monthly and shipped to your PayPal street address within a couple of days after payment.

What are the benefits to "Subscribe 2 Save"?

  • If you are an affiliate your discount and commission will be increased by 10% and you will receive a monthly coupon for $4.00 off shipping
  • If you are a retail customer and just want to save on shipping after you complete your subscription no other action is needed.

Each month when your payment processes you will be emailed a coupon code that is valid for 32 days, which will reduce your shipping by $4.00 on every order placed.


4 assorted Bath Bombs - retail value with shipping $36.91. Subscribe price $25.17




 3 assorted Tart Chunks retail value with shipping $21.45. Subscribe price $13.88



2 assorted Country Kitchen Candles retail value with shipping $32.93.
Subscribe price $22.86 





Surprise Box ~ Receive a mix of products with a retail value with shipping of
at least $37.95. Subscribe price $25.00 



Just give me the $4.00 off shipping on every order and upgrade me to 35% 
discount and commission. Only $4.95.